Blog Feeds and Google Feedburner Usage

Good afternoon FPO readers,

Yesterday I got setup with Google Feedburner for delivering site feeds.  So far everything is going well.  The code snippet did take a while to set up right.  Here’s some helpful hints if you are looking to get setup with Feedburner:

  • All feeding is handled from the Publicize tab
  • Make sure to have the correct sender address in the communication preferences menu
  • There are multiple options such as email subscriptions, chickletize, and BuzzBoost
  • A chicklet is a feed linked to an icon.  It can be the traditional loudspeaker icon or any option of predefined feed icons
  • The email feed generated “form” code which can be included in your existing graphics.  Care should be noted not to execute one form within another.  Also, stock Feedburner code sets a style for borders, padding, and an align-center.  I eliminated this and kept with my site specific style class.
  • The management of the feed, once everything is initialized is very intuitive.  If you’re a fan of “set it and forget it”, Feedburner will work well for you!

Below is an example link using Feedburner.  This is a functional subscription link for if you would like to subscribe to an excellent daily financial read!

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Ads, links, and affiliates

I’ve seen so many different takes on how to monetize a website.  At this point, it is entirely too early to concern myself with that, other than develop some thoughts on how FPO should be structured so that it doesn’t smack of content for the sake of clicks.  I have come up with several rules that I will adhere to based on what has personally irritated me over the years.  First off, no massive sidebar ads.  We’ve all seen that website that has nothing but a near infinite sidebar stuffed with one ad of every kind, ads on the bottom, and a big banner.  Ads should be well-integrated, on subject, and reasonably discrete.  Secondly, no unsolicited redirects.  That means that a page should never randomly pop-up without user interaction.  Thirdly, a website should be designed to promote itself first.  Why would someone build a website to generate most of its revenue from external sources?  OK, there are the obvious reasons, but that’s not for me.  My goal is to make Financial Place Online into a great daily read.

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