Edwin Jagger double edge razor blade

Edwin Jagger DE86 Razor with Brush and Col Conk Stand

Edwin Jagger DE86 Razor with Brush and Col Conk Stand

It’s been 6 months since switching to a double edge shaving razor. The primary reason was to reduce costs when shaving daily. The added benefits were a close shave and no razor bumps. The model pictured is an Edwin Jagger DE86 available at Amazon.com and many other retailers, but mostly online. This was purchased at Amazon for $32. These razors will last a lifetime.  The chrome plating is rock solid. Accessories are needed with this razor, and that is largely based on personal preference. To keep the cost down, here’s a suggested starting point: the brush is a $4 boar brush, the stand is a $30 model from Amazon.com, use the UHP brand soap, and Derby blades. The 6 month shaving cost is $7, which accounts for all consumables including a little bit of alum block wear. The brush has plenty of life left in it. Estimated equivalent mach 3 costs were about 4 times this and electric shaving with the Braun setup was almost triple the mach 3 cost, due to the cutting block, cleaner, and poor longevity.

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