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I have been a big fan of local classifieds lately. In a medium to large metropolitan area these classifieds can represent miniature economies, in which a multitude of items are bought, sold, and traded. Services ranging from accounting and tax preparation to roofing and tiling will be listed. Looking through the classifieds, which are generally online these days may be a good way to get rid of unwanted items and get a bit of cash as a result.

Here are some hints for navigating a local online classifieds. Stay authentic: Make sure the host of the website is legitimate. In my location the local classifieds are hosted by a local news channel. It is viewed by the locals as safer than certain nation wide web sites. Call and talk to the lister beforehand: It’s both the nice thing to do and allows you to get details and check if the item is still available.

For cars: Show me the Carfax! Make sure the title is clean and the car is not stolen. A call to the police (non-emergency number) can confirm if the car is not reported as stolen. Also, the dynamics of local classifieds involves calls to and from unknown people, showing the up for sale items to people you don’t likely know, and yes, scams do exist; so exercise caution in all transactions.

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