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CatPCSoftware doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, in can be free. No strings attached; no spyware, shareware, or adware. Linux, for years has been an alternative offering to Windows. While trailing Windows for many years in user friendliness, Linux has gained ground against Windows in ease of use. Ubuntu Linux is a common choice, and just about runs itself.If changing operating systems is a bit much, and it will be for computer games; Windows can at least be used to run open source (free) programs. Open Office is an office suite that closely mirrors Microsoft office, but doesn’t cost anything. The GIMP is a GNU image manipulation program. Again, free.Free accounting software: GnuCash.  This can be used for small business accounting or personal finances.

Those three programs combined can save around $1000 when compared to retail “pay” products.

An effective receipt scanner

Financial Place Online has been using the NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner and Digital Filing System for small scanning tasks for the last couple of years.  The Neat Receipts scanner is a space saving single paper feed USB powered scanner.  The advantage of this small unit lies within its ability to integrate well into a workstation and the supplied software make PDF exportation easy.  Commonly used for receipts upto a couple of feet long, the Neat Receipts will also feed standard 8.5″ paper in different lengths.  Care should be taken to use a dedicated USB port as the device does need all of the available 0.5A of current that a USB port can provide.  The Neat Receipts is available from many retailers for under $170, and also has an optional travel case.  It has saved FPO much more than that on document preparation, particularly when on the road.

What is a WISP?

WISP- Wireless Internet Service Providers offer internet service, wirelessly transmitted from their towers to customers houses and back. A variety of radio technologies is used across this industry. The important part is while less popular than cable, DSL, or fiber internet service providers, many WISPs can exist within a local region. This is good as it provides competition to traditional “physical line” based companies that may have a monopoly over an area otherwise. These companies provide internet and phone connectivity at a monthly charge plus a monthly equipment rental fee, and can be cost effective in many cases.

Blockchain and robotic automated systems

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