Your house is not your warehouse


The Samsung just took the lead on lap 13.

The Samsung just took the lead on lap 13.

Also known as a lesson in de-cluttering and cost effectiveness.  I have seen too many of my friends upgrade their houses based solely on an increase in junk accumulation.  Household junk is very  much like being in debt in that both will weigh you down.  That’s a hard to justify cost increase when many items will go unused.  At the very least, moving the excess accumulation to a storage unit would be a lower cost method.  But why give your money away on that option?  For what it takes to maintain, secure, and store excess items, a better deal exists:  the opportunity to liberate yourself of your more useless possessions.  Not only would you free up some cash which could be put to better use, but your house will seem bigger than ever before.

There’s a personal rule which I have adhered to for years.  That rule is that if an item hasn’t been used within the last year, it gets sold.  If I need it in the future, I can always buy it back, usually close to what I sold it for (often less).  There are some exceptions to this rule; reference books, personal mementos, and occupational related items.  Those will be kept, but in the case of old video game systems, that extra computer monitor, power tools, or DVDs; out the door they go.

>>> There’s another benefit of this technique.  Repeated over time, it will transform you into a better sales person.  It will also increase your eye for value and perhaps make you more critical of what to take in to begin with.  Choosing a house to live in will depend on many factors; desired location, good schools, commuting distance, personal sentiment, etc.  Just don’t let the ever-expanding pile of junk be one of them.

Blog Feeds and Google Feedburner Usage

Good afternoon FPO readers,

Yesterday I got setup with Google Feedburner for delivering site feeds.  So far everything is going well.  The code snippet did take a while to set up right.  Here’s some helpful hints if you are looking to get setup with Feedburner:

  • All feeding is handled from the Publicize tab
  • Make sure to have the correct sender address in the communication preferences menu
  • There are multiple options such as email subscriptions, chickletize, and BuzzBoost
  • A chicklet is a feed linked to an icon.  It can be the traditional loudspeaker icon or any option of predefined feed icons
  • The email feed generated “form” code which can be included in your existing graphics.  Care should be noted not to execute one form within another.  Also, stock Feedburner code sets a style for borders, padding, and an align-center.  I eliminated this and kept with my site specific style class.
  • The management of the feed, once everything is initialized is very intuitive.  If you’re a fan of “set it and forget it”, Feedburner will work well for you!

Below is an example link using Feedburner.  This is a functional subscription link for if you would like to subscribe to an excellent daily financial read!

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Sugar detox, diet fads, and sales copy

It’s a crazy online world out there.  I wrote a couple of days ago about going to a low sugar diet.  I received a comment that WordPress put into the spam folder.  I looked at it anyways.  It was a nicely written comment, but there was link in there to a landing page for some type of system either relating to or based on a popular sugar detox diet.  I figured that before approving the comment, I should check out the link to see if such content would be OK with the Financial Place Online concepts of online business and value added services.

By clicking the link, I got sent to the landing page.  The concept of a sales copy is not a difficult one, and I found my self staring right at one.  Fundamentally, I don’t mind the sales copy.  It’s a good marketing tool when used right.  However, I could see right away that this was one of those products that creates much more value for the marketer than the consumer.  It came across with the same homogeneity that many other self help products come across with, with all of the online window dressing necessary to get you to part with your most recent $21 (though it claims a $250 value…I guess).

There are many value added products out there; a good recipe book, a book on beer brewing, bicycle building for speed, electric vehicle design, computer game creation, app building for pros and such.  I seriously don’t see diet systems as being one of these.  There is entirely too much free info out there as well, but since everyone else is coming up with a diet system, I might as well too.  Next post, the FPO diet.

The notepad

Good morning,

I’ve been able to ramp up my writing for both this page and by keeping a notepad in which I write new ideas and topics.  Up till this point, I would try my best to remember topics, but by the time I would get to posting, they would leave me.  Now I’ve found that the notepad is a must and that I should always have it within an arms reach.  This also allows me to divide the topics between the two sites as the WP page is kept more personal and written in first person exclusively.  There is very little overlap between the two.

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