Hacking the Kindle Fire

A Kindle Fire sporting the full suite of Android hacking software.  CM7 is displayed on the screen.

A Kindle Fire sporting the full suite of Android hacking software. CM7 is displayed on the screen.

For those who have a Kindle Fire and want a little more using power, or just plain don’t like the Amazon interface, there are several options. However, in order to proceed far down this road, rooting the Kindle Fire will be needed. Burrito Root is a windows utility that can do just that. Using the instructions, a Kindle Fire connected via usb can be rooted. This will allow for apps to be installed outside of the Amazon approved list.

This can be taken further by installing a boot recovery application.  Next of the list of fully hacking a Kindle Fire with a full Android load is a utility called FireFireFire.  This allows for a boot recovery option by pressing the power button for a longer period of time.  There are several applications to boot into, but Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is fairly common.  TWRP allows for storage of custom roms and is capable of wiping the original Amazon OS from the device.

Now onto the final stage, what goes inside.  A couple of choices are available.  Cyanogen Mod 7 (CM7) has good compatibility with the Kindle Fire.  This comes packaged as a rom which can be loaded via TWRP.

The whole procedure is complicated, but the process is challenging and the reward is pretty cool.  Also, “IDME Bootmode 4000” using ADB can be a lifesaver.

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