Sugar detox, diet fads, and sales copy

It’s a crazy online world out there.  I wrote a couple of days ago about going to a low sugar diet.  I received a comment that WordPress put into the spam folder.  I looked at it anyways.  It was a nicely written comment, but there was link in there to a landing page for some type of system either relating to or based on a popular sugar detox diet.  I figured that before approving the comment, I should check out the link to see if such content would be OK with the Financial Place Online concepts of online business and value added services.

By clicking the link, I got sent to the landing page.  The concept of a sales copy is not a difficult one, and I found my self staring right at one.  Fundamentally, I don’t mind the sales copy.  It’s a good marketing tool when used right.  However, I could see right away that this was one of those products that creates much more value for the marketer than the consumer.  It came across with the same homogeneity that many other self help products come across with, with all of the online window dressing necessary to get you to part with your most recent $21 (though it claims a $250 value…I guess).

There are many value added products out there; a good recipe book, a book on beer brewing, bicycle building for speed, electric vehicle design, computer game creation, app building for pros and such.  I seriously don’t see diet systems as being one of these.  There is entirely too much free info out there as well, but since everyone else is coming up with a diet system, I might as well too.  Next post, the FPO diet.

About Steve @ FPO
Hello FPO readers, I have been writing on financial topics for about 12 years now, but I have only recently reignited the fire of publishing online. I have to say, its good to be back. I am an electrical engineer by trade who enjoys all topics engineering and financial. I started Financial Place Online (FPO) to create a value added financial news and education website that would provide a refreshing daily financial read. Financial Place Online websites are built around the principles of consumer empowerment, leveling the playing field, zero spam tolerance, and none of those annoying sidebar or banner ads. For us, it's all about enjoying a good read.

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